Birthstone jewelry - March birthstone jewelry: aquamarine

The perfect birthstone gift

Looking for a special piece of jewelry for the birthday of your girlfriend, your daughter / granddaughter or another lucky person? A birthstone jewelry with gemstone aquamarine is always a good idea: you did your best to find an original gift that completely matches her birth month!

Bracelet birthstone aquamarine birthstone jewelry march aquamarine

Birthstone jewelry March with gemstone aquamarine for every occasion

So the birthstone of the month of March is aquamarine. A beautiful green blue stone that you can see through a bit. In terms of appearance, a stone that fits perfectly with a casual look, but is also very suitable for a dinner or a chic gala: it just depends on which model of earrings with birthstone aquamarine you choose.

Operation birthstone aquamarine

Like all stones, aquamarine has a number of properties that many people claim to benefit from. In the Jewels with Flair webshop, a number of highlights are listed per birthstone and through this blog I would like to give you more information than just the highlights. Aquamarine stands for balance and concentration , among other things. You will probably not be surprised that this stone also has a calming effect . An aquamarine piece of jewelry empowers anyone born in the month of March. The perfect birthday present.

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March 03, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer

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