5 Christmas tips for an unforgettable Christmas with Flair ;)

Wow, we are already 6 weeks before Christmas. Time flies… !

Well, I always love Christmas and I prefer to add a little Flair to it ;). Mááár… it should also be cozy and relaxed, right? Below you will find my absolute top 5 for a cozy and relaxed Christmas with Flair.

Tip 1. Sing songs on the Kerkplein

When I didn't have children yet I always loved to sing songs on the Kerkplein in Haarlem . Yes, you also have it on the Grote Markt and then all commercial songs pass by. Also very cool, but I do like a bit of coziness on an idyllic square. And you will certainly find that on the Kerkplein! Recommended.

Tip 2 Dress the way you want

Above all, dress the way you want. Yes, in itself you can of course take into account the people you are going to or a dress code, but you shine the most if you feel good about it. At sometime? Check out the special Christmas jewelry category and choose your own style.

Tip 3 Make it easy on yourself

Do you like cooking? Then get in the kitchen with your favorite recipes. Don't like it? Then don't do it! At the AH you now have a lot of delicious 'ready-made' oven meals, salads. Delicious and ready in no time :). I always opt for the golden mean. My children aged 3 and 5 love to eat, so with us it is standard – yes, I know, very trite – gourmet… :). Well, then I get meat etc. from the organic butcher. I make a salad with fries and there is a delicious meal on the table. Would you like to add something culinary? I make delicious starters and desserts according to your favorite recipe and you have a whole 3 course dinner!

Tip 4 Quality time

Since we have kids, sometimes I miss some time with the two of us. That's why we're going to do something together beforehand. The Grote Kerk in Alkmaar has been hosting beautiful performances / concerts for a while now. This way you can relax in the atmosphere through the beautiful ambiance in the Grote Kerk and you have some quality time. Two years ago we went to Trijntje Oosterhuis. This year it will be Cor Bakker in the Grote Kerk .

Tip 5 Use Christmas Day 🙂

After Christmas we always have some food left over. That's why we're having a party on the third day of Christmas :). Nice with some leftovers on the couch and a bad movie that we didn't get to see over Christmas.

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November 12, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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