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Trick or Treat!

Today is Halloween. And we're going to celebrate!

There are a lot of nice treats hidden in the shop :). These can be jewelry, but also festive discounts that can only be redeemed today. Do you find a discount? You can redeem the corresponding discount code immediately. BUT BE ON TIME! Does the code no longer work? Unfortunately…Someone else beat you to…

Do you find a piece of jewelry? Be the first to claim your prize by indicating under this Facebook post where you found the prize. If you are the first with the correct location of the prize, you have won the prize.

Halloween giveaway

What exactly is Halloween?

Halloween is a holiday that falls on October 31. Originated in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. The party is now also becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands.

What is done on Halloween? Children go door-to-door in costumes when it is dark and shout trick or treat , giving the choice between becoming a victim of a tease ( trick) or something tasty ( treat – often candy).

Terms and conditions

*all discounts can be used an x number of times and are valid on Thursday 31 October, not in combination with other discount codes and only in the relevant category. Do you find a piece of jewelry? Hurry to the relevant Facebook post to claim your prize by being the first to enter the correct location. The results will be announced on Friday 1 November via Facebook and no correspondence will be entered into. You can win a treat consisting of a prize once per person. This also leaves enough prizes for others. The results will be announced on Friday 1 November through the same FB post. You have 2 weeks to claim your prize by sending us your address details.

October 30, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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