Valentine's Day Gift Guide

It still seems very far away, but really, before you know it, it will be Valentine's Day again! Which team are you on? Do you really think it's a bit too commercial, or are you secretly hoping for an extra loving edge to this day?

Below you will find a handy Gift Guide to help you choose.

1. The stone of love

Rose quartz is known as the stone of love. This beautiful pink stone is therefore ideally suited to give on Valentine's Day! Below you will find a selection of jewelry with rose quartz. Do you want to see more? View the entire collection of rose quartz jewelry here .

2. Necklaces with symbolic meaning

Do you think giving a necklace is a good idea? A necklace is usually easier to choose from than a pair of earrings. Did you know that each gemstone has its own symbolic meaning? Find a stone that fits best. More information can be found on the gemstones page .

3. Jewelry with hearts

Jewelery with hearts is of course always a good idea :). Especially with Valentine's Day!

I still remember the excitement of high school, when you didn't really expect anything, but were still a little disappointed when you found out that the postman had really come, but the mailbox had remained frighteningly empty. If your locker at school was empty…

We are now many years further and I no longer suffer from this kind of 'puber problem'. Valentine's Day is getting bigger and bigger and by the end of January you will see a red wave slowly flooding the shops. Are you also sometimes surprised by your Valentine on February 14? Roses and chocolate are of course buyers on this romantic day, but what would make you really happy?

Maybe you should give your love a little hint about what really makes you happy. Is that perhaps a nice pair of earrings or a special necklace ? Jewelry is permanent and always makes you feel special. Certainly a handmade pair of earrings or a carefully composed jewelery set gives everyone the feeling of being considered really special.

Does your partner need some help in making decisions or do you want to surprise someone, but you don't know exactly what fits best? The color picker on the site gives you first aid and of course I also like to think along with you. Are you really not sure? Then a gift voucher might be the perfect gift to receive or give on Valentine's Day!