Handmade silver jewelry

Looking for unique handmade jewelry? At Jewels with Flair you will find silver handmade jewelry for every occasion. Are you going for minimalist or striking with the long Maxima earrings ?

Handmade jewelry from Alkmaar studio

What is so unique about the silver handmade jewelry from Jewels with Flair? They are - of course - made by hand in the workshop of the Dutch jewelery designer Erlinde Kramer. In addition to winding silver wire to give the handmade jewelry a refined look, she is also a goldsmith to really give her silver designs their own touch. Customers joke that all jewelry has an 'Erlinde sauce' which makes the jewelry so unique. By combining soldering with winding silver wire and existing settings and techniques, she connects an old craft with contemporary techniques to make silver jewelry that remains affordable.

Handmade silver jewelry from Smeedstudio Erlinde

The jewelry from Smeedstudio Erlinde can be found in the specials. Here you will find handmade silver jewelry that you really won't find anywhere else. Earrings worked with a textured hammer, a handmade silver bangle that is also worked with a textured hammer or how about the silver necklace with a round pendant. With this silver jewelery it is very good to put together a set. Do you find it difficult to put together a silver jewelery set yourself? Then ask the designer .

Handmade silver jewelry a la Maxima

Have you ever heard of ' Maxima earrings '? Maxima is of course spotted with many beautiful earrings in her ears, but the term 'Maxima earrings' was created by the long earrings with a pearl or drop on the chain. Over time you see her with more and more different variants: the necklace made of several gemstones or pearls. Earrings with a flower at the top or real statement earrings. What these earrings have in common: they are all real eye-catchers!

Handmade gemstone earrings

In addition to being long and striking, classic silver earrings with a gemstone drop are also a feast for the eyes. Especially if the stone is facet cut. In addition to the silver handmade earrings, you can also opt for handmade gold earrings. This gold variant is gold plated with a 24 carat gold plating on real silver (925). In addition, these earrings have an extra protective coating so that these gold handmade earrings last a long time.

Handmade necklaces

Of course it is nice to combine your handmade earrings with a matching handmade silver necklace and bracelet . Among the handmade necklaces you will find silver and gold (gold plated sterling silver) necklaces with a gemstone pendant , a pearl pendant or a Swarovski pendant. Swarovski is of course the most striking when it comes to the bling bling content.

If you prefer a natural effect , go for a silver necklace with a gemstone pendant. Are you going on a classic tour? Then you will also find silver and gold necklaces with a beautiful pendant of freshwater pearls.

Handmade silver bracelets

You can also combine the silver bracelets at Jewels with Flair with the handmade jewelry from the earrings collection and the collection with necklaces. If you just don't find what you are looking for, it is also possible to have a silver piece of jewelery designed to get the perfect jewelery set that will make you shine with Flair!

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