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Handmade earrings

Christmas is behind us again. Don't get me wrong, I always find it very cozy and enjoy long dinners with family and friends. But those preparations… At Christmas I always imagine that expectations are high and that it always has to be better, more beautiful and tastier than previous years or other dinners. So I've been looking for recipes on Google for weeks in advance and bent over old Allerhandes. The week before Christmas I feel like I'm running circles between the various supermarkets to stock up on the most exquisite ingredients and I'm test cooking as if I have to perform in Masterchef. The result was praised to the skies this year, that's for sure :-). Anyway, now that Christmas is over, let's focus on the next 'milestone': New Year's Eve. And where I get really busy at Christmas, I really look forward to this day and evening. True to tradition, we kick off with baking donuts and apple turnovers in the shed. At the end of the afternoon we have a nice drink with friends and roll into the evening. Of course there is no shortage of delicious snacks. In addition to the well-known classics, such as olives and cheese boards, there is always a lot of fish on our menu. The wholesale offer is huge! We often opt for a piece of poached salmon and also regularly bake a delicious sole. Delicious straight out of the box! But the supermarket also offers many options. How about smoked trout on toast, avocado with smoked salmon or the classic, blinis with smoked salmon and creme fraiche with chives? Whatever comes on the table, our year will be relaxed and festive and the new will begin. I wish you just such a nice evening!

2017 – 12 -20

The perfect hairstyle for the holidays

party hairstyles

You've found the perfect dress that makes you feel more beautiful than ever. The jewelry is also completely correct. An extra layer of mascara, check! Nice lip gloss, check! But then… your hair. I've had it a few times already. Armed with a pack of bobby pins, a large can of hairspray and clips, rubber bands and clips, I was ready for it: the ultimate party hairstyle. I had really read in beforehand, it really couldn't go wrong. With the help of a step-by-step plan and a number of Youtube tutorials, my hair had to be the icing on the cake. I thought… fifteen minutes and two lame arms later I looked glumly at my reflection. You could call it anything, but it didn't really make me feel festive. That's why here are a number of tips that will give you a really easy-peasy festive look.

1. Let your hair down!

Some people are blessed with beautiful hair. Often it is tied in a bun or tail out of convenience. Grab the opportunity and let your hair literally shine! Do you naturally have a beautiful wave in your hair? Then knead in a little curling cream, such as Andrélon's Perfect Curl. Or let your beautiful straight hair shine extra with Argan oil, as you find it from Kruidvat. You can combine long hair with nice big earrings . Such as the earrings with blue lapis lazuli or the long earrings with sparkling drops from Swaovski Elements.

2. The braid

For girls and ladies with really long hair: a loose braid that you let hang diagonally over your shoulder gives a special effect. Pull out some tufts for a relaxed look, it doesn't have to be perfect! Long elegant earrings look great with a braid, such as the Maxima earrings or the chic earrings with Swarovski Elements and a freshwater pearl

3. The Grace Kelly role

Are you wearing a dress with a nice neckline? Go for a Grace Kelly role! This accentuates your neckline and thus also that perfect dress. It is a bit of work, but on Youtube you will find enough videos on how to do this. If you choose a dress with a slightly lower neckline, you can emphasize it even more with a sparkling short necklace. If you go for high-necked, then a pair of short dazzling earrings will steal the show, such as the fine & small earrings with Swarovski Elements.

But above all: choose something that makes you feel good, even if that means that your hair looks exactly the same as always. Your outfit and the care you put into it will make you shine. Enjoy!


Gift wrapping tips

At the moment we are very busy with all Christmas orders, so many people are made happy with new jewelry for Christmas! Do you also put packages under the tree? It is now showing off in my room and I always get completely happy with the cosiness of all the lights and packages under the tree. Every year I look carefully at how I can pack the jewelry in a festive way. Looking for inspiration? We would like to give you some tips:

  1. personalize your presents with a personal message. At Hema or Action, for example, you buy those brown labels, nice text on them and with a string attached to the package, done!
  2. spice up your present with a sprig of holly or other pine green. Not handy if you put your presents under the tree two weeks in advance 😉
  3. cheap, stylish and original: brown wrapping paper! Doesn't look that exciting on the roll, but if you wrap your present in it and then decorate it with a nice colored rope, you immediately have a top present in your hands. Complete it with stamps, whether or not in the Christmas spirit, easy as that!

Check out our inspiration board on Pinterest. Do you still think: 'Yes, nice, but I really can't see myself doing it'? Then simply order your present from us, we will be happy to wrap it for you in an original way.


This is how you keep warm feet

Cold feet? Even in my Ugg (what… Ugg??? Yes, sorry, but it's so comfortable) I have cold feet. What you can do about it? Actually very simple: move more. Because by moving more you help your blood circulation. Are you just not in the mood for that? How about a foot massage? Alternating baths also help (cold-warm-cold – let's finish with warm;). Finally, wool socks and several layers on top of each other naturally help - the air between the layers has an insulating effect.

Are you just a real cold color? Then I have my special tip for you… hot chocolate with rum. Guaranteed to work 😉


Christmas inspiration

Wow, it's almost Christmas already!!! Still 3 weeks to go... Do you already know what you're going to do? Eating out, eating at home? Clothes, earrings? Looking for some inspiration? Check out our new pinboard on Pinterest. Full of recipes, beautifully decorated tables and beautiful dresses.

View our board here >>


Aurora Borealis Swarovski

For many people it is on the bucket list: the Northern Lights in Lapland. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the chance to actually see this. Swarovski has come up with something for this. They have captured the Northern Lights in the crystal with the beautiful name 'Aurora Borealis'. Like the Northern Lights, the color seems to change depending on how the light falls.

Be enchanted by the magical light and order your favorite piece of jewelery in the shop! You can catch the 'Aurora borealis' in a gold-plated, silver-plated or Sterling silver variant.

aurora borealis earrings


Earrings with Swarovski drops

Earrings with Swarovski drops have been a favorite at Jewels with Flair for years and not without reason! The beautiful crystals are available in an infinite number of colors and therefore always match with your special outfit. When the drops catch the sunlight, you really sparkle.

When I finally found the dress for a special wedding this summer, I really wanted to make something special to complete my outfit. Soon I came across my Swarovski earrings collection . Special occasions call for special sets, so this time I decided to make the famous Swarovski pendants with Sterling silver ear hooks.

Earrings Swarovski drops

On a beautiful bright day in July, my friends got married. I received a lot of compliments about my earrings and therefore decided to include them in the collection. From now on you can order your favorite earrings not only gold plated or silver plated, but also in Sterling silver!

Are you also looking for the perfect match for your outfit? Let me know, I'd love to think along with you.


Earless through life

Once a year it happens: we leave the luxury of our nice house behind and pack the whole car to go camping. Now this has always been quite an undertaking; all camping equipment from behind the hatch, temporary home in the back of the car and cram everything you think you need in two weeks. Now that we have a little one with us, it has become quite a challenge, but after a lot of fitting, measuring and selecting, the car was packed and we were on our way.
Now the children's equipment has been given priority over my own wardrobe this year, so I choose to go through life minimalist in relaxed shorts and an easy shirt for two weeks. Because my 'Jewels with Flair' would look a bit overdressed with the rest of my outfit, I chose to leave my collection at home this year. So no Maxima earrings, no gemstone earrings, no studs, nothing. Quite a bit of a bare feeling, but the advantage that I didn't have to search for my earrings in the usual camping chaos.
Of course I was able to get a lot of inspiration and I can now get to work with the autumn collection and I promise you, it also has a lot of flair!


JWF at the fair!

Summer has started again and this also means the start of the fair season. Every evening there is a fair somewhere in the region and Jewels with Flair can also be found at these lively markets. On Monday you can admire the famous Maxima earrings and the rest of the new summer collection at the romantic market in Groet and on Tuesday you will find us at the cozy fair in Schoorl.
During these markets we not only meet the fans of Jewels with Flair, but we also meet fellow creatives, such as Fietje from (former) Fiva Jewelry. I often come across this creative centipede and it is always good for a lot of inspiration. In addition to her beautiful jewelry, she has now mainly focused on other types of handicrafts. It is always nice to see how someone else works and how you can learn from each other. Soon I'll have a look at the bead collection of Fiva noses to see what I can use to make beautiful additions to the range of Jewels with Flair. Became curious? Come and visit us! Maybe see you soon!

I've got summer in my head, but a closet full of fall clothes...

Unfortunately, summer is a bit late this year. Optimistic, I start every day with a short-sleeved shirt, but halfway through the day I have to give in to a nice and warm cardigan. As hard as I try to deny it, summer has not really started well temperature-wise. By the way, you won't notice that on the site; the new summer collection is online, with fantastic new colors!

I was able to add a whole series of new designs with Swarovski Elements that literally make you shine. Of course, almost all models are available in different versions, such as silver-plated, gold-plated or sterling silver. So put together the earrings that match your favorite summer outfit. If the summer is still waiting for a while, don't worry... We're just fully committed to the Indian Summer this year :-)!



Sunday morning, half past 12, a wonderful moment of rest. Son is sleeping, the spring sun shines through the windows (which clearly need a cleaning, but not right now) and a cappuccino is within reach. Don't think about everything that needs to be done, but leaf through a fresh magazine in the warm sun. My thoughts wander to the laundry upstairs, shall I just… No, now just enjoy.

earrings flowers

I flip through the pages of the latest spring fashion. What a nice dress and cheerful colors! Although I love skating, I am really a summer person, nothing makes me as happy as warm sunbeams and being able to walk outside without having to put on a jacket. Going through my wardrobe again soon to put the thick sweaters in the far corner and give the summer outfits a prominent place again. Oh yes, that nice dress I found in the late summer on sale, finally I can wear it! Which earrings should I combine them with… It starts to bubble and ideas for new designs take shape in my head. What a quiet moment on a Sunday?! Spring and the new spring colors are crying out for new designs, I'm going to get to work! You will soon find my new ideas in the shop, so stay tuned.


Festive outfit

You know that; it's December, Sinterklaas time, Christmas is coming soon after that. Who is cooking this year, quickly into town for presents, in short, busy busy. And oh yes, of course you also want to look festive and join the Christmas dinner in a beautiful Christmas outfit. Between the companies I always try to find a nice dress in the city, with which I can look nice and which is also comfortable. That combination seems a bit of an impossible task; super nice dresses, but sleeveless for example. It may just be me, but at the end of December the temperatures are usually such that I prefer to wear a thick cardigan. I also often find beautiful 'standing dresses'. Those dresses that are made to look good in, not to sit at the table all evening and eat delicious (and a lot of) food.

Maxima earrings Maxima

This year I decided not to go on a shopping mission and pull out something that I feel comfortable in; a simple black dress, with long sleeves and a nice supple fabric. With a pair of Maxima earrings with Swarovski stones, this 'simple' dress also gets a sparkling touch and I'm sitting relaxed at Christmas dinner!


Jewels with Flair presents new application of Wire Wrapping

In addition to the well-known earrings with wire wrapping , which we presented last year, you will now also find earrings with a new method of wire wrapping. Where in the classic way the silver wire is wound around the top of the gemstone and the stone is attached to the pendant in this way, with this new technique the silver wire is twisted from bottom to top over the stone, which gives a special effect to the earring and where the beautiful colors of the gemstones are emphasized. This technique can be used with many types of earrings and is available in various variants, such as the Maxima earrings and various other pendants.

Long freshwater pearl earrings


Mothers and earrings…?!

Most mothers among us probably know it; you have those beautiful long, dangling and above all (literally) beautiful earrings. You give your child a hug and rats, there goes your earring. Small children are like magpies and very curious. Those earrings really need to be studied closely.

After a few painful encounters with my son's quick hands, I decided not to wear earrings when I'm with him for the time being. But yes, I am really very attached to my large collection of pendants and felt bald without it. That is why I have designed a number of earrings that are available in both long and short versions and from now on I will wear the short version on my days off.


Festive earrings

The holidays are coming again and of course that means a pair of festive earrings. The earrings with SWAROVSKI®ELEMENTS drops are of course very nice for the holidays. New in the range are the long green earrings and the long earrings in blue with white Swarovski drops. Striking earrings that complete your Christmas outfit.

long green earrings

Fall/Winter 2013

Black will of course always do well. Black earrings with, for example , earrings with onyx gemstones . Jewelery in black always looks chic. In addition to black, we also see many colors this fall. Bordeaux red is hip. In addition, bright colors are also very good. Combine multiple colors with some colorful earrings? Earrings do not necessarily have to match your bracelet. Nice and messy bracelets together can be very good and gives a nonchalant effect.

Flower earrings

I wrote about those cheerful flower earrings before. It's getting a bit warmer outside and I can't wait until I can match the Flower Earrings with my summer outfit again. Nice if the color of the earrings comes back in your outfit, but the earrings have a contrasting color with your shirt. Then they stand out!)

Currently you see many earrings with semi-precious stone drops with a small subtle flower above it. Great to combine with a more chic affair. Princess Maxima has been spotted with it several times!

The short necklace is totally hip again!

The must-have of spring 2013! The short necklace with stone. The necklaces are available in all kinds of colors and in different price categories. Is your favorite (neck) chain not included? Jewels with Flair also makes necklaces on request!

necklace swarovski drop


A shamballa bracelet is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it has a beautiful, spiritual meaning. Any idea where the shamballa bracelet comes from? I really had no idea, so I started looking it up on the internet. According to Beautylab.nl, Shamballa is a paradise that is said to be located north of the Himalayas, near Tibet. Buddhism places great value on unconditional love and mercy, which means: live with an open heart, live with trust, give and receive.

The shamballa bracelets symbolize this unconditional love and freedom. Unconditional love means the bond with, for example, your parents, your faith, the love of your life, but also the love for yourself. By freedom is meant the freedom of your own power and using it and the freedom you have to believe in yourself.

Because of the beautiful spiritual meaning, I think shamballa bracelets are a nice gift to give.

Jewelery with Pearls

Jewels with Flair has trendy pearl bracelets, earrings with pearls or rings with pearls in its range. From wider robust pearl bracelets strung on elastic thread to simple pearl bracelets with faceted glass crystal beads for the extra shine effect or the Bling Bling effect. You will always see the classic drops in the range. Elegant and always possible.

Color is the trend

As a designer of handmade jewelry I keep a close eye on fashion. For a gala or Christmas dinner it is always good to combine clothes with beautiful sparkling earrings for the Bling Bling effect. A classic bracelet can also give that final touch.

I myself am crazy about all those nice colors; pink pants, blue pants, green books. You can not think of it so crazy or you can buy it. Esprit currently also has very nice clothes. I personally think the trousers from EDC are very beautiful and they are also very comfortable. Now I saw that they also had beautiful blue and green items again.

Earrings in the style of Maxima

Do you know the earrings with precious stones in the style of Maxima? In short called the Maxima earrings. All exclusive earrings, of which I only have a few pairs in the range. It is nice to combine the earrings with an outfit in the same color.

Maxim earrings

Jewels with Flair has Maxima earrings in different price categories. That is why the Maxima earrings are made of different materials: natural stone, glass crystal, acrylic, silver plated or gold. Curious? View the Musthaves: Maxima earrings collection now.

present? Gemstone earrings

Earrings online.

Summer is approaching, time to expand your jewelry collection. We see a lot of pastel colors this spring. With the latest jewelry from JWF you can give your collection from last year a new look! Did you know that we also design matching jewelry for your outfit on request? All jewelry in the webshop can also be adapted to your wishes.

Add FLAIR to your outfit!

That one special dress, for that one special occasion... What makes this even more special than a jewel or jewelery set from JWF designed for you?

Send us a photo of your outfit and we can provide a suitable piece of jewelry.

Erlind Kramer
Jewels with Flair

Gemstone jewelry

header necklaces

Last weekend I've been busy with real semi-precious stones. Those are the materials I prefer to work with…:) I now have jewelry with aonyx, agate, amethyst, hematite, rhodonite, sodalite, rose quartz and black quartz. In the webshop you can choose to buy these earrings in silver-plated metal, gold plate, gold-colored or real sterling silver.


In addition to working with these beautiful gemstones, I gave a workshop at a secondary school in Hoorn.

Interested in a workshop at your home with a few friends? I give workshops on Wednesdays from 4 pm (Alkmaar area) and in the weekend on Saturday and Sunday (North Holland). Minimum number of participants is 4 persons and is €15.00 excluding materials.

mothers Day

No Mother's Day present yet? When spending €15.00 in the shop, now a gift voucher worth €5.00. When completing your order, mention that it is a Mother's Day gift.

At the last moment

Saturday 4 May Jewels with Flair will be in the shopping center of Heiloo. Maybe until then!

Yours sincerely,

Erlind Kramer
Jewels with Flair

Jewelry online

Last weeks I've been busy updating the photos on the website. I myself love flowers, hence the many beautiful floral backgrounds in the photos. It is nice to view the photos on a blank background, which is why every piece of jewelry also includes a photo without background variation.

In addition, of course, also worked on an orange collection, because Queen's Day is just around the corner! See the collage below.

Finally, a new silver-plated necklace with a glass pearl and a bracelet with a blue glass bead were designed. This weekend I'm going to work with even more bracelets with stone, but with semi-precious stones such as amazonite. Very hot spring 2013. Like the Facebook page to be the first to know about the latest jewelry from Jewels with Flair.

Tips or suggestions for the shop? Or are you looking for a special piece of jewelry? I like to hear it!

Nice weekend!

Yours sincerely,

Erlind Kramer
Jewels with Flair

Pink earrings

Old pink is the trend of spring 2013. See here earrings with beautiful semi-precious stones; rhodonite. I am completely crazy about gemstones; then you really have a beautiful piece of jewelry. These gemstones are faceted; this provides more shine.

Furthermore, I have been busy making jewelry with gemstones called amazonite. These are also beautifully facet cut. The short necklaces can all be ordered to size. You can also choose the desired material: silver-plated, gold-coloured, gold-plated or real sterling silver. This also applies to the chandelier earrings as shown below.

Some more like and win promotions are planned in the coming weeks. So keep a close eye on the Facebook page of Jewels with Flair if you want to win unique jewelry from Jewels with Flair.

Nice day!

Yours sincerely,

Erlind Kramer
Jewels with Flair

PS. Looking for a piece of jewelry in a specific color / shape? I'm always up for a challenge!

Buy jewelry online

Have you seen my newly pimped website yet? It was a bit of a job; but he's good to go!

In addition to pimping my webshop, I also included a feedback form from the `Feedbackcompany`. You may have received an email about this. It takes a few minutes of your time and you get a 10% discount on your next purchase in the webshop. Thank you very much if you have already completed this or will do so. Didn't receive an email? You can also fill in a feedback form yourself on the Jewels with Flair homepage . It's at the bottom left of the homepage.

Been wonderfully creative with the chandelier earrings in recent weeks. I have them in all kinds of trendy colors. Fresh summery blue or rather a chic look? You say it!

Some like and win promotions are planned in the coming weeks. The next action will be online next Sunday. So keep a close eye on the Facebook page of Jewels with Flair if you want to win unique jewelry from Jewels with Flair.

Finally: on May 3 and 4 I will be with my jewelery in shopping center `t Loo in Heiloo with nice market offers. Maybe until then!

Nice day!

Yours sincerely,

Erlind Kramer
Jewels with Flair

Jewelery Queen's Day

Finally here my first newsletter! The idea of ​​designing jewelery arose after my visit to the Queen's Market last year. Two hip girls sold very nice orange earrings. I immediately started working on their enthusiasm and as it turned out… my colleagues became interested in my jewellery. One thing led to another and before I knew it my webshop was a fact!

I think it's important that I can offer jewelry against every budget. I like being able to vary a lot of trendy and fashion-sensitive jewelry, but it is also nice to know for sure that my favorite piece of jewelry remains beautiful, because real sterling silver has been used, for example.

My first collection therefore consisted of trendy & affordable jewelry as shown below. I have had Maxima earrings in the range for a while now.

Well, that Maxima… I think she is a beautiful woman with beautiful earrings… She wears the earrings with semi-precious stones. That is of course much more sustainable. That is why now also Maxima earrings with Onyx, Jasper, Amethyst, Aventurine and Fluorite in the range. All on real sterling silver ear hooks or gold plated as desired. Have you ever seen her with earrings with such a flower with a semi-precious stone underneath?

You can now view them in my webshop . Then I will continue to orient myself on new beautiful semi-precious stones. Suggestions? Feel free to let us know!

I now have so many beautiful beads that I have decided to give workshops . So a fun girls night out? Groups can register from 4 persons and with a maximum of 8 persons. The location is determined by you. You can also indicate in advance what exactly you want to learn.

Have a nice weekend!

Yours sincerely,

Erlind Kramer