Sun, sea, beach and jewellery.

Despite the Dutch summer we have, you can regularly find me on the beach. If you live as close to the coast as we do, it's great to take a dip in the evening, start your day with a walk on the beach or just catch that beautiful summer day with the kids on the beach. So nice to put on your bikini and adjust your favorite beach dress again. In my case, that is of course always a good reason to grab a matching summer jewelery set and go to the beach with flair.

Now it is of course smart to consider how your jewelry will hold up under summer conditions. Many materials do not like sunscreen products, sweat and certainly not that salty seawater. I don't like taking off my jewelry on the beach. Especially with two children you arrive packed and with all your bags and there is always a good chance that I will lose my jewelry.

With this knowledge I started working in my studio with real summer proof anklets . Fine jewelry, with summery colors and made of materials that can take a beating. An additional advantage is that these materials are also skin-friendly, useful for people with allergies! Became curious? You can find the anklets here.

August 23, 2021 — Erlinde Kramer

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