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Silver oxidizes: real silver turns black
Sterling silver jewelry . They eventually turn black! Did you know? That is of course not so nice… Or is it? I sometimes hear from customers that they find the natural oxidation process so beautiful and that it gives their jewelry such a beautiful natural look. Agree? Or do you prefer to keep your jewelery sparkling silver? That is of course also possible.

Let your silver jewelry shine again!
How do you do that? Easy. Polish your jewelry with a silver polishing cloth. It is best to buy such a cloth from the jeweler. Of course they are also for sale at the supermarket, but they do not always do their job well.

Be careful with 'plunge pools'
There are also 'dipping baths' to dip your jewelry in. Sounds very useful and it is. However, be careful thatgemstones and freshwater pearls do NOT come into contact with the liquid. This can damage these materials badly. Furthermore, I don't recommend using this often (and maybe better not at all...). Why? If you do this often, the silver of your jewelry can become dull: the liquid 'bites' off the outer layer of your jewelry. As a result, the blackened silver disappears, but in the longer term this is not beautiful and the shiny effect of the silver disappears.

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June 17, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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