WIN! Decorate your ankle with this beautiful anklet!

Summer season open?!?
Yes, the summer season is officially open! Anyway, I hear you think. For practical reasons I usually don't participate in skirt day, but the first time I take my slippers out of the closet is the official signal for me: summer is coming!

Slippers & Ankle Straps
Last Saturday it was time and they could go again. Just like my jewellery, I have slippers in a lot of colors. Now I'm also really fond of those slippers with all kinds of nice frills, beads, etc., but unfortunately: I can usually walk badly in them. So I usually end up with the simpler ones. To pimp them up a bit, I started making anklets last year.

Also this year you will find them in the collection and you can win them! I'm giving away 4 copies. To win? Comment in my Facebook post!

April 11, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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