What to do on Mother's Day?

On Mother's Day you naturally want to give your mother a special gift and day. But how do you do that? Give a reminder, go out together or give her an hour for herself. How do you do that? Below I will list my experiences and tips for you.

About myself

I've been a mother myself for 5 years and what I would personally love on Mother's Day? Just an hour for myself…;). Haha, yes, nice and quiet reading a book. Because tell yourself. That never really happens, does it?

And after that? After that, of course, it's fun to go out together. What I like? A nice coffee shop or restaurant where the children can enjoy themselves, the food is good and the children enjoy themselves. But I also have 2 young children of almost 3 and 5. My absolute toppers with small children:

  1. Turf market Alkmaar
  2. Restaurant Noderstraun on Schiermonnikoog
  3. Hof Poppendamme in Zeeland.

No small children?

Then go out for a nice meal. When the weather is nice, sit outside on the terrace with a glass of rose. Because spring has sprung. What to give your mother?

  1. Flowers are always good, of course. But not every year. Try to switch things up a bit.
  2. Chocolate. Then of good quality such as Tony's Chocolony's. But, if your mom is just trying to lose a little weight, don't do this!
  3. Give an experience! Always fun. Make memories together. For example, have a picnic in the dunes and provide a really tasty lunch. Make sure everything is really ready, so mom won't be busy with the preparations later.
  4. And last but not least... Give a beautiful handmade piece of jewelry to your mother. You can also just send her to her, if you don't live around the corner. In the shop I have made a selection of special gifts . A Mother's Day gift box , a jewelry set or how about earrings with flowers . Don't give flowers, but still a flower gift ;).

What are your plans for Mother's Day?

April 26, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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