What does 925 stand for?

925 sterling silver

You probably recognize it: even if your piece of jewelry is still so small, it still says 925 in tiny numbers somewhere. Many people have seen it and know that the earring or bracelet is made of silver, but do you know where that 925 is? silver really stands for?

Pure silver?

As I also noticed during my goldsmithing course, silver is a beautiful material, but it is actually much too soft to work with. An earring made entirely of silver is extremely soft and would bend in no time. To counteract this, pure silver is therefore mixed with other materials. Such a mixture is called an alloy.

92.5% pure silver. And the rest?

If you see 925 on your piece of jewelry, this means that your earring, bracelet or necklace consists of 92.5% pure silver. 7.5% of your jewelry therefore consists of added materials that make it possible to process the silver into a beautiful handmade piece of jewelry, which can also be worn without damaging it right away. A very good find!

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    My silver turns black!

    Silver can turn black naturally. The silver then oxidizes. Blackened silver can be polished again and again with a silver polishing cloth.

    In the shop you can easily filter for sterling silver jewelry , so that you can see the collection in one go.

    January 18, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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