Blue Monday

Suffering from Blue Monday? Or not with the relaxations that have been announced....? You can make me happy by designing new jewelry, so that's what I did :). And yes, then I thought… Let me stick to the theme of Blue Monday. So lots ofblue jewelry , but of course also other sparkling colors for a good start to 2022!

Blue jewelry

Nothing beats a Blue Monday better than blue jewelry! Make yourself happy and treat yourself to a blue piece of jewelry. In the Jewels with Flair webshop you will find beautiful handmade and unique jewelry, of course also in all kinds of beautiful shades of blue. How about, for example, earrings in the style that Máxima wears made of lapis lazuli? Or choose the beautiful gemstone chalcedony.

Earrings with pearls

Are you a real lover of earrings with freshwater pearls , but do you also want something with blue? White ozet water pearls also combine very nicely with blue clothing.

Would you rather also have your jewelry blue? Then take a look at these pearl earrings with blue coral flowers.

January 15, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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