Holiday stress?! Not with these tips!

Holiday stress?! Not with these tips!

When you go on vacation, the anticipation is always nice. The counterpart of this anticipation is called 'holiday stress'. Crazy word actually, holiday and stress together in one word, since they should actually be each other's opposites.

Unfortunately, a good portion of holiday stress is not strange to me either. This usually peaks during packing. I always do that at the last minute. Very handy with 2 children… In addition, I always take too much of the one and too little of the other… Finally, I want to be a little bit stylish on holiday, so I grab my favorite jewelery at the last minute or do I still make a new set for my new summer outfit. Pfff. Yes, I am always very relaxed in the car ;-)

Recognizable? Below I give you (and especially myself;) a number of packing tips that might reduce the holiday stress a bit, so that you can start your holiday relaxed:

– think of (especially if you have children) a clothing set per day and pack it together per day
– instead of folding, roll up your clothes. No more wrinkled clothes! - neutral shirts are a great base and match with everything! Add a few nice cardigans and you can make some nice combinations
– take easy jewelery with you and put it all in 1 jewelery box. Personally I prefer to wear a pair of stud earrings on holiday, but for a nice dinner I also take my long earrings with me :)
– In the months before the holiday, find clothes for the kids that don't really make you happy anymore. Pants with a hole, shirts with a stain that won't come out, put everything aside. Wear it once on vacation and throw it in the bin. Win-win: less laundry at home, getting dirty really isn't a problem and more room for national delicacies on the way back?

But above all: relax! It is vacation! Enjoy being together, not having to do anything and being away from everything. Happy Holidays!

June 21, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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