To do's AT HOME

The schools are closed. Catering closed. The measures against the Corona virus, or COVID-19 virus, are now in force. And that is not happy news, but certainly necessary to contain the virus.

Do you work at home? Or do you have children who are bored to death? We can of course sit inside and mope, but that doesn't make much sense either. That's why this blog post for to do's AT HOME. I would like to share my practical to do's, to do's with children and tips for a romantic evening at home . :).

Practical to do's

  1. Time for spring cleaning! In any case, it is not unwise to thoroughly clean your house now. So clean up everything nicely, throw away what you no longer use and get the mop through it.
  2. Clean up your attic or junk room. We bet you will come across some nice things that you might be able to use right now? Or items that can be placed on the marketplace.
  3. You may not enter areas with many people. You can, however, make your garden or balcony spring-proof if you haven't already done so. Weeding weeds, you can also order plants online at

To do's with children

  1. Make it a party! It may seem nice to them that they can stay at home, but in the end children prefer to go to school. Turn up the music, dance in the room and bake a nice cake. Cake ready? Decorate and enjoy!
  2. Old Dutch games always do well. How about potato race? Biscuit and candy bites, or a more modern game like Twister?
  3. Crafts at the dining table. That is definitely number 1 here. Especially when I grab my craft supplies from my own youth: pergamano, paper filigree. Or go bread dough with salt bread dough. Watch the instruction video below.
  4. Make children's jewelry with the DIY kit. Specially formulated for these days. A cool boy's bracelet is also possible.

How to make salty bread dough instruction video

Romantic evening at home

  1. Take a warm bath, mask, scrub your skin and feel wonderfully clean and soft.
  2. There is no going to a restaurant. You can, however, organize your own romantic dinner for two. Find a tasty recipe, dress nicely and provide a bit of Flair with jewelery from the Spring collection .
  3. Had a nice meal? Curl up on the couch with a good glass of wine.

Tip for creative women

Make your own jewelry! Especially for these days I made DIY packages with which you can make a beautiful piece of jewelry yourself. There are now 2 online. Do you see another bracelet, necklace or a pair of earrings that you would like to make yourself? Comment below this blog post and I'll arrange that!

March 16, 2020 — Erlinde Kramer

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