Tip! Give a gift of meaning - 1 week before X-Mas

Do you want to give a special gift? A nice gift? A unique gift with a valuable meaning?

A gift that symbolizes love

Say it with rose quartz!

Rose quartz is known in crystal teaching as the stone of love and peace. Rose quartz radiates a loving and feminine energy and brings peace and harmony to relationships.

Do you also want to give a symbolic gift?

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A gift that symbolizes peace and tranquility

Say it with aventurine!

Aventurine is known for its calming effect. Do you know someone who can relax a bit? Say it with aventurine!

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A gift that symbolizes protection, strength & confidence

Say it with labradorite!

Labradorite may at first glance be a dull gray stone, but if you look closely you will see all kinds of special sparkles of green and blue. The stone is said to protect you against negative external influences and brings back forgotten memories. In addition, the stone reduces fear and gives self-confidence and perseverance. Does someone in your area need a helping hand in 2020? Say it with labradorite!

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*This information is from 'The Healing Power of Crystals' published by the Happinez

December 15, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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