Original Maternity Gifts: Custom Birthstone Bracelets for Special Mothers

Finding the perfect maternity gift for the expectant mother is always a challenge. Flowers and baby socks are sweet, but why not give something more unique and lasting? A custom birthstone bracelet can be a beautiful and symbolic gift for a mother-to-be. In this blog we discuss why this piece of jewelry is an original gift idea and how you can have a birthstone bracelet made.

Original gift as a maternity gift for the mother

Why a Birthstone Bracelet?

A birthstone bracelet is a special gift because it contains the birthstones of the mother-to-be's children. Each stone represents a month of birth and carries a unique meaning. It is not only a stylish piece of jewelry, but also an emotional memento of the birth of her child or children.


Custom made in Sterling Silver or Gold-plated Sterling Silver

One of the charms of birthstone bracelets is that they can be completely customized. The choice between sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver gives the opportunity to adapt the jewelry to the personal taste of the expectant mother. She can choose the classic look of sterling silver or the warmth of gold-plated sterling silver, which gives the piece of jewelry a luxurious touch.


Symbolic Meaning of Birthstones

Each birthstone has its own symbolic meaning. For example, the sapphire , which is the birthstone for September, stands for wisdom, protection & luck, among other things. The emerald , associated with May, symbolizes, among other things, self-confidence & charisma. By combining these stones in a bracelet, you create a symbolic jewel that reminds the mother of the special qualities of each of her children.

How do you order a birthstone bracelet?

Ordering a custom birthstone bracelet is easy. Here are the steps:

1. Choose the Metal: Decide whether you want the bracelet in sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver.

2. Choose the Birthstones: List the birthstones or birth months of the mother's children.

3. Add to Cart: Add the bracelet to your shopping cart and follow the instructions to checkout.

4. Enjoy the Result: Once the bracelet is made, it is shipped and the expectant mother can enjoy her beautiful, personal gift.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular birthstones for bracelets?
A: The most popular birthstones for bracelets include diamond, sapphire, emerald and amethyst.

Q: How do I maintain a birthstone bracelet?
A: Birthstone bracelets should be handled with care to avoid scratches and damage. It is advisable to keep them clean with a soft cloth and store them safely when not being worn.

Q: Are other birthstone jewelry available?
A: Yes, in addition to bracelets , necklaces and earrings with birthstones are also available, so you can choose which piece of jewelry suits the mother best.


A custom birthstone bracelet is not only a stylish piece of jewelry, but also an emotional gift that the expectant mother will cherish forever. Give her a unique baby shower gift that will remind her of the wonderful journey of motherhood.

October 11, 2023 — Erlinde Kramer

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