Mothers Day. Tips for a nice Mother's Day.

This Sunday is Mother's Day, you can hardly have missed it. Do you also have a mother that you will visit this day or will you be surprised yourself? We have listed our favorite Mother's Day tips for you:

  1. Go out together and enjoy the nice weather! Renting a boat is the perfect way to enjoy the wonderful weather together. Relaxed through a nature reserve or cozy through the canals of a city near you. Wherever you go sailing: don't forget to apply sunscreen, it goes three times as fast on the water.
  2. Do a workshop together. Whether you are a creative mother or prefer to be active, there is something fun for everyone. Working together, super fun right!
  3. Do you prefer to share Mother's Day with the whole family? Eating together is always a good idea! Brunching together, BBQing, extensive dining, everything tastes better together. They say that mothers are not allowed to cook on this day, but what if that is exactly what makes you happy … ;-)?

What am I going to do myself? I let myself be pleasantly surprised by my two bouncing balls, I estimate, around half past six in the morning :-). The weather is going to be great, so we're going out together. Have fun together Sunday!

May 08, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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