In March I will participate in the MarchMeetTheMaker Challenge on Instagram. What does that mean? Every day for a month I will post something on Instagram (but I will also post it on Facebook) to introduce you to Jewels with Flair. Today I tell you about how I started Jewels with Flair.

As a child…
As a child I loved to do crafts: making cards with pergamano, filigree paper, sculpting, painting, I liked everything equally. I always made all the Christmas cards for my parents myself. Eventually I started doing the Pabo and became a teacher at a primary school in Amsterdam. Also very nice, but I missed that creative part. When I later walked on the Konininnemarkt and saw a stall with homemade jewelry, I thought: 'I want that too!'.

To work
So then I started to make my first creation. Those were big flower earrings because they were all the rage at the time. And then to the market. I love that. Cozy and see what visitors to the market thought of my jewelry. When that turned out to be positive, I built a web shop myself, but I really shouldn't do technical things myself. I don't have enough patience and it just doesn't turn out the way I really want it to. That is why we eventually had the webshop built and that is how Jewels with Flair was born.

March 01, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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