Do your earrings tilt? Here's the solution!

Suffering from tilting earrings?

Sometimes I hear from customers that their earrings tilt too much and 'look' down. This is usually the case with earrings made with a stud on the ear and a pendant on it. Then the ear stud tilts down due to the weight. You don't want that. In the vlog below I show exactly what I mean.

At Jewels with Flair, earrings that are made with an ear stud and a pendant are now supplied with anti-tilting caps as standard. Those caps have a slightly larger back so that the ear studs keep looking neatly 'forward'. Nice is not it :).

Here you will find examples of earrings that come standard with anti-tilt caps:

Earrings Swarovski Elements coral light

Earrings Swarovski Elements & chrysolite opal

Earrings Swarovski blue

Statement earrings resin brown

Statement earrings resin black and white

May 17, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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