Business retreat Ibiza

Last week I was on a business retreat in beautiful Ibiza. Completely new to me. Exciting, but also super fun. I am curious about new things and like to learn. So when I got the opportunity to come along, I signed up right away :).

4 nights without my family… Can I do that?
For the first time since I had children (the eldest is now 5 and the youngest 3 years old) I went away alone again. Well 4 nights without husband and children! Oops... When I was at Schiphol, I didn't feel like it at all... But I know that about myself... Just keep going. I was on the plane feeling a bit nervous. “It's not going to crash… is it?!? No, don't be silly'. But when I got out 1.5 hours later and felt the Spanish sun on my face, I thought: 'Yeah... bring on that Ibiza vibe :).

What I've done?
Together with 5 other businesswomen and 2 coaches we were in a villa in Cala Llenya. Every morning a program from 9 to 14.00 and also in the evening. We have mapped out our company: how are things going now? What am I running into? How do I handle that? What do I really enjoy doing the most? How can I expand that? And, not unimportant…;) How can you keep the least fun to a minimum ;). Also learned a lot from other companies such as Kids department, The Sweety Cakeshop, The cutest lunch and Neo-baby. And there are also nice collaborations :). More on that later.

Ibiza Vibe
In the afternoon we had time to enjoy the beautiful island on our own. So visited beautiful beaches, the Hippy market (wow, lots of special jewelry), and visited a hotel where the colors were so super cool that I almost immediately felt like designing the spring collection of 2020…!

Home again
Now, a week later I'm back at work in my studio. An experience richer. Full of energy and inspiration. But now full focus on the autumn collection . Now I'm going to work hard to send all earrings , bracelets and necklaces as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

October 14, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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