Help my jewelry gives off black on my skin!

Black jewelry?!?

No, of course you don't want that. How is that possible?

This is how sterling silver (925) is made

Sterling silver, also referred to as 925, consists of 92.5% real silver. huh? Why not 100%? Because 100% silver is too soft to use in jewelry . That is why 7.5% copper is added to the silver, so that the silver (999) becomes stronger. If 7.5% copper has been added, it has sterling silver (925). The term sterling comes from England.

Silver oxidizes and turns black

Silver oxidizes in the air. If your sterling silver jewelry hangs comfortably on a jewelry rack - yes that looks very cozy, I think so too 😉 - then the silver will look black at some point. Fortunately, you can polish this again, but it is still advisable to keep your jewelry in a jewelry box.

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Why one pair of earrings does stain and the other pair doesn't

Silver is a natural material that reacts to its environment: it turns black. In the past, nickel was added to the earrings to prevent this. Nowadays this is no longer allowed, because nickel can be absorbed and in some cases you can also develop a nickel allergy. To replace the nickel, a layer of fine silver or a layer of rhodium is now often added to the earrings. However, this layer will wear off the earrings at some point. I therefore advise against cleaning earrings by means of an 'immersion bath'. The layer on the ear hooks will quickly come off and the ear hook will quickly give off black.


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January 01, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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