A tasty summer salad

What a nice weather! On beautiful days like today I prefer to leave my bag of sandwiches at home and have lunch with a salad. Because I still have to live on my lunch all afternoon, I provide a well-filled meal salad. I've been trying a lot lately. This has often led to jealous looks from my lunching colleagues. Also on a healthy tour and looking for a little inspiration? Here comes my perfect lunch salad:

– at the bottom a layer of 'filling' ingredients. I often opt for HAK salad bags with, for example, chickpeas or lentils, but I also often vary with couscous, spelt, etc.
– then slay, a lot of slack. For convenience and variety, I often opt for bags from the supermarket, with all kinds of tasty mixes
– now the colors come :-): tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, avocado, zucchini ribbons…
– on top; the seasonings! I always keep a stock of these in my fridge: white salad cheese, leftover chicken, smoked chicken, you name it! If you still have a few grapes or, for example, dates, this is the perfect counterpart!
– I searched for a long time for a tasty dressing and ended up with Bertolli's oil/balsamic dressing. Not too overpowering and not too greasy
– finally the bite: all kinds of nuts are perfect. I sometimes alternate this with a bag of crispy baked corn or, for example, sunflower seeds.
By the way, I take the dressing and the nuts separately, otherwise your lettuce will be wilted and your nuts will be soft.
Enjoy your meal!
July 13, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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