A look behind the scenes

As you may know, I design almost all jewelry myself. In addition, I do marketing, purchasing, manage social media, respond to emails, record my jewelry and make sure that all jewelry leaves the door nicely. In this video I briefly explain how I make the jewelry and what you can expect.

Anyway, that says nothing about what an average day looks like for me. I'll tell you below.

7.00 Wake up with the kids. I have two small children aged 3 and 5. One independent son of 5 years old and a sweet and classic 😉 toddler of 3. She also thinks she is very big and wants to do everything herself :). Still, I usually manage to get the kids dressed within 30 minutes and I think that's pretty good.

7.30 Breakfast. Afterwards, one cup (or more) has tipped over, I can vacuum again afterwards, but above all they had a delicious meal. Because my children can eat… Three sandwiches really is the most normal thing in the world.

8:00 Put on shoes, brush teeth, comb hair…

8.10 On the bike; taking children to daycare/school. I think that's a wonderful moment. My daughter is still sitting in the front seat. Lovely with my face in her hair, making crazy jokes. My son is cycling again. Pride :).

8.45 COFFEE?. Always a wonderful moment of rest and start of my working day.

9:00 Process orders. I use a shipping time of up to 3 working days. So I check all my orders every day anyway so that I am on schedule and if necessary I contact a customer if something is just out of stock and I have to order a part.

12.00 Lunch. I'm writing 30 minutes here because that's my goal. Usually I'm back in my studio within 15 minutes. oops.

12:30 Reply to emails. Responding to special requests, updating administration.

13.00 Write blogs / manage social media accounts.

14.00 Create / design mail with Flair. That is also a very nice part of my day. Especially if the email just looks tip-top afterwards. Sometimes I don't have any inspiration and then at the end of the day I really think… Phew, what did I do today? I haven't made any progress at all. But usually after such a day I have enough ideas to get back to work the next day.

15.00 Inventory / order stock. Not really my thing, because feels like ADMINISTRATION... 🙁

16.00 Photography / design / special requests. Wonderful to do. Designing jewelry is of course one of my favorite activities. Especially when it comes to a special request where I can design a piece of jewelry for a certain outfit.

5.30 pm End of working day. Bale, bale... I still have so many ideas! Then I will cook; that always has to be fast. Within 20 minutes I have dinner on the table :).

6:00 pm Dinner with the family. Everything always works. When I sometimes hear other parents about children not eating well, I always think, how?

6.30 pm Cleaning up or putting the children to bed, I alternate that with my boyfriend.

19.30 On the couch or sometimes I can't resist doing some Jewels with Flair like now ;).

10:00 p.m. Then I really have to go to sleep. Otherwise I will be too tired the next day.

This is an average day, but one weekday I do not work and I am with my children. In addition, I exercise 2 times a week in the morning at 7 o'clock. I love that so much. Then I really feel fit all day :)

What does your day look like?

July 22, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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