An immersion bath for your jewellery. Good or not???

Of course you want to keep your real silver jewelery as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. There are special plunge pools for that. Why you could use this? For example, if your piece of jewelery is made with very fine silver and it is difficult to polish all oxidized spots with a silver polishing cloth. But do you have to do it often? Read on or watch the video below for my experience.

Silver is alive
Silver oxidizes and eventually turns black. Do you really think it is really necessary for silver to be polished? I often hear that the natural oxidation process is so beautiful about the piece of jewelry. Your jewelry 'lives' and gets a beautiful vintage look. What do you think?

Advantages plunge pool
In itself, such a silver bath works. You dip the silver in the bath for a few seconds, if necessary brush it with the supplied brush and your jewelery has considerably fewer dark black spots. Please note that the pearls of the earrings or thegemstones of the earrings do not come into contact with the liquid. They can't handle that very well.

Disadvantages plunge pool
The disadvantage of using such an immersion bath is that a layer of silver is actually 'bitten off' from the jewellery. The result of this can be that your jewelry becomes dull. That's a shame of course.

My advice
I would say try to use a good silver polishing cloth whenever possible. Can't get to everything well? Then have your jewelry polished again at the jeweler.

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July 03, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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