My dream with Jewels with Flair

About the designer
I am Erlinde Kramer, designer of jewelery line Jewels with Flair and owner of the webshop. I mainly make earrings because I really think earrings are the item that make women shine. With beautiful earrings , you get that little bit of extra Flair.

Of course I hope that I can make more and more women happy with a handmade piece of jewelry. Designed by me. I do notice that my hands sometimes start to sputter. But yes, what do you want with approx. 10 orders per day. In the future, someone really needs to join. Preferably someone who is just as creative as I am and has an eye for detail so that the fine finish will be guaranteed.

Matching jewelry
In addition to my large collection of earrings, you will also see more and more matching jewelry in the collection. The emphasis remains on the earrings and from there I try to design jewelry that supports the earrings. Necklaces and bracelets in the collection are always delicate and support the gems in the webshop; the earrings.

Future music
Ultimately, I would like a studio with a showroom. So that you as a customer can visit yourself, pick out gemstones and I can make a jewelry set for you on the spot. Because I notice that many customers still want a unique design and are looking for just that one color that fits well with the selected dress. Currently I do this through photos that customers send me of their outfit. 9 times out of 10 I succeed in making a perfect matching piece of jewelery and making the customer shine. So funny ?. The above is still music for the future. First ensure more visibility so that I can rent a special showroom later. Will you come by then?

July 17, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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