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Recently I asked all my Mail with Flair readers for feedback on my mail. In addition to feedback on the mail, I also received a lot of feedback about Jewels with Flair itself. Super nice to read all your useful tips and often confirmation on things I use. Because yes, sometimes I think: I think this is fun to read, but of course I'm not sure. A confirmation in that is therefore also very nice, because then I will continue with that :). Below you will find the most common (or striking points:) summarized.

For example, I read back from a lot of people that they like seeing the earrings in a photo where they are worn. I was also often asked if this could be done with all earrings. I would really like that indeed. Unfortunately I don't have the capacity to do a model photo with all earrings right now. But I will certainly continue with it and will add such a photo where possible.

'I find Mail with Flair interesting and also very personal. Like e-mailing with a good friend'

'It also works well that you wear your own jewelery in the photos. No thresholds and good styling tips . Thank you!'

Can the mail be less pink?

From a male Mail with Flair reader, I also got some surprising insight. I just assume that my e-mails are read by women. This man thought the mail was very pink, but he could see through it. As a tip he gave me to make the mail for male readers less pink. Good tip! I never thought about that :). Hmm, first let's see how many male readers I have.

Showing the earrings from different angles

Also a nice tip. I often take pictures from the front. Photographing the earrings from a different angle is easy and I can imagine that it is easier to assess the earrings properly.

Quantity of mail

"The frequency is just right"

I heard various reactions about the number of emails. Some thought it was too much, some just right. Because this is something very personal and I hate spam myself, you can set this yourself. Only apparently I have to communicate this even better because not everyone knows that. How it works? At the bottom of every email you will find a link to adjust your profile. You can also adjust the frequency here. But beware! If you fill in your birthday, you will receive 2 emails around your birthday in addition to the regular Mail with Fair. If you don't want that, you can delete your date of birth.

Thematic Mails. In addition, you can also sign up for styling tips or other thematic series. If you sign up for this, I assume that you do not want to wait a whole week for the next e-mail and you will receive 2 e-mails per week. As soon as this series has ended, you will receive mail again according to your set value.

Earrings with earclips

"What a pity you don't have clip-on earrings." Oh… I do! However, I just don't have the time to photograph all earrings with ear clips. Most earrings can be made with clips. That's why you can order the ear clips separately and I then make the ear clips on the earrings that have been selected.

Once more! Thank you for all responses. I'm going to work on it. In addition, I will also delve into real goldsmith work :). Enough to do in 2021 :).

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With creative regards,

Erlind Kramer

Owner & designer of Jewels with Flair

October 05, 2020 — Erlinde Kramer

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