A present from your tree for 7 days

Advent calendar

To sparkle with Flair!

I have designed and put together this Advent calendar with great care. This Advent calendar is a perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend or neighbor.

The festive packaging all has a loop and can therefore be hung on the Christmas tree.

The jewelry is designed to be combined with each other , and you can even put together multiple sets , because it contains a loose pendant that you can exchange with the circular pendant chain, for example.

Moreover, it is useful to know that it also contains two gifts that are suitable for both mothers and daughters : the star earrings and the short necklace with a star.

You will find this in the Advent calendar!

1. Earrings

Earrings with Swarvski tubes in soft white (in the photo above) or aurora borealis (northern lights, seen in photo 3)

2. Bracelet

Bracelet with alternating balls and a star charm.

3. Stud earrings

Stud earrings with a star (right in the photo). For a second hole or to wear solo. Also suitable for children.

4. Necklace with circle pendant

Necklace with circular pendant (the bottom one in the photo).

5. Bracelet with Swarovski

A nice bracelet that matches perfectly with the bracelet with the star and the earrings: Sparkling Swarovski crystals on your wrist! (right in the photo)

6. Star necklace

A necklace that combines beautifully with the necklace with the circular pendant. This chain is 40 cm long. Also nice to wear solo and suitable for the young ladies among us. (the top chain in the photo)

7. Pendant with Swarovski tube

Would you like to alternate your set with another pendant? You can remove the circular pendant from the necklace and replace it with this Swarovski tube pendant. This way you can wear the set in many ways and create multiple combinations yourself!

Choose your style

You have the choice between:

  • Sterling silver
  • gold plated sterling silver

Regarding the color of the Swarovski elements, you have the freedom to choose from:

  • 'Aurora Borealis', reminiscent of the northern lights
  • Sparkling soft white

Both options are perfect for the holidays, and you'll shine with Flair!