The Symbolic Meaning


You have received a beautiful birthstone bracelet!

Below you will find an image per month that corresponds to the birthstone and its symbolic meaning.

For each gemstone we mention some properties we value, although this is only a selection. This information is based on "Elsevier's Guide to Crystals & Gemstones" by W. Schumann, but the scientific effectiveness of these properties has not been proven. Jewels with Flair accepts no liability for the effectiveness of the stones and recommends that you always consult a doctor if you have health problems.

Positivity & strength

Garnet, a powerful gemstone, represents energy and courage, helping to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. It promotes self-confidence and reduces anxiety, while also symbolizing passion and love. Often used in meditation and spirituality, it stimulates inner strength and growth for an energetic life.

Energy & peace

Amethyst, a versatile gemstone, symbolizes both energy and tranquility. It stimulates both physical and mental vitality while promoting inner serenity. Often used in meditation, amethyst calms the mind and protects against negative influences. This delicate balance makes amethyst popular among gemstone lovers.

Balance & concentration

Gemstone aquamarine symbolizes balance and concentration, among other things. This gemstone is known for promoting emotional balance and clear thinking. Wearing aquamarine can help strengthen concentration and maintain inner harmony.

Energy & intuition

The Herkimer diamond, the birthstone for April, symbolizes intuition and spirituality. This clear crystal represents, among other things, the two-way flow of energy and intuition. Wearing this stone supports meditation, enhances intuition and increases awareness, making it a valuable tool for spiritual growth and inner wisdom.

Charisma & self-confidence

Emerald, the birthstone for May, symbolizes charisma and self-confidence, among other things. The green gemstone enhances the wearer's charisma and promotes self-confidence, allowing them to be more persuasive and self-confident. Wearing emerald can help develop a powerful appearance and inner persuasiveness.

Femininity & fertility

The moonstone, the birthstone for June, embodies femininity, fertility and relationships. This soft, lustrous stone symbolizes the power of feminine energy and fertility, while also promoting harmonious relationships and emotional intuition. Wearing moonstone reminds us of the beauty of feminine energy and loving relationships.

Inner fire

The birthstone ruby ​​represents inner fire and passion. With its deep red color, it symbolizes passion and intense desire, and encourages to live and love passionately. Ruby reminds us to cherish our inner fire and represents the power of passionate love.

Growth & well-being

Peridot, the August birthstone, symbolizes prosperity and growth. This bright green gemstone represents abundance and renewal. Wearing peridot attracts positive energy, helps overcome obstacles and promotes personal growth and well-being. It is a valuable companion for August yearlings who strive for prosperity.

Wisdom & protection

Sapphire, the birthstone for September, comes in various colors in addition to the well-known blue. This gemstone symbolizes wisdom, protection and nobility, among other things. The variation in colors makes sapphire versatile and meaningful for September year-olds, who can use it to express their personality.

Creativity & passion

Opal, the birthstone for October, is a beautiful gemstone with a beautiful play of colors. In the shop you can find both real opal, which is more expensive due to its natural beauty, and imitation opal, which is more affordable. Both options can beautifully represent the symbolism of October, which represents passion and creativity.

Joy & energy

Citrine, the birthstone for the month of November, radiates a warm and sunny energy. This gemstone symbolizes positivity, abundance and prosperity. It stimulates optimism, increases self-confidence and attracts success and well-being. Citrine is a powerful stone to dispel negative thoughts and stimulate creativity.

Inner peace

Tanzanite, the birthstone for December, is a rare gemstone with a deep blue to violet color. It symbolizes, among other things, spiritual growth and inner peace. Tanzanite is often worn by December yearlings for its beauty and symbolic meaning of transformation and spiritual enlightenment.