How many calories do you burn with...

Last week the weather was still beautiful here and the sun was shining exuberantly inside. Nice, but also always a bit confrontational... the windows really need to be cleaned and with that sun you can see all the dust. To get a little cleaning inspiration and to get started with a fresh sense instead of with a fresh reluctance, I decided to look up how many calories you actually burn cleaning. That didn't disappoint ☺️:

Ironing: 150 per hour
Vacuuming: 225 per hour
Scrub floor: 300 per hour
Cleaning windows: 300 per hour
Scrubbing the bathroom: 400 per hour

But now that the cold is coming back this weekend, it might be wiser to do a winter activity ;). For example, go ice skating for an hour. Good for 490 calories!

And then you just let your friend wash the windows; )

Who usually cleans your house?

March 13, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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