Trend: denim on denim. This is how you combine that!

Last year I read it in several fashion magazines: denim on denim was one of the new trends. While I'm certainly not a "fashion girl," I've always remembered one rule: denim on denim was a no go. So that has changed.

trend 2018
Last year I didn't want to follow the trend, but now I've been inspired. So I'm going to see how I can make beautiful combinations! Besides the fact that it is wonderfully comfortable and practical, there are really beautiful models and fits to be found. Quite different from those wide jeans blouses I can remember :-).

How do you combine that?
Are you also looking for beautiful combinations? For example, think of a beautiful denim skirt. High-waisted paired with a denim blouse. You puff up the blouse a bit. Combine with blue jewelry . Also, the jewelry does not all have to be exactly the same color. It's nice when the jewelry is in the same color range and differs from each other.

jewelry blue

Here you will find the earrings from the collage: earrings denim blue & bracelet quartzite . Here you will find all articles from the collage.

Do you combine different denim garments?

March 21, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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