Putting together a jewelery set - custom made service

Do you often make a bad purchase? I have that very often and especially with clothing. Even though I just fit it in the store…. ? . Sometimes it goes in the wash once and I don't feel comfortable anymore. Another time I think it's a 'sweat substance' (I have that very often haha). Oh, and I think it's a disaster with shoes. How many misses I've already made with that... This spring I bought nice white sneakers. All leather. Was so stiff…
Now I would like to prevent that if you shop with me. That's why I wrote a blog with how you can easily put together a good jewelry set. But I can imagine that it remains difficult, from a photo... That's why I'm introducing the cusom made service .
Below you will find 3 tips to put together a beautiful jewelry set.

Hint 1

Match a gemstone with a matching color Swarovski.

Which gemstone goes well with which color Swarovski Elements?
Hint 2
If you prefer to combine Swarovvki with Swarovski, that is of course also possible. Then search in the search bar for the right color Swarovski Elements. The same goes for gems.
Hint 3
Do you continue to find it difficult to combine the right jewelry? Use the custom-made service .
August 03, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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