Jewelery with precious stones

In my shop you will find different gemstones. These are not only often beautiful to see, but according to many people often also have a deeper meaning and origin. Whether a stone has a deeper meaning for you or not, the story behind the stone in your jewelry is always nice to know, right? That is why I will highlight some of these stones in my mail with Flair. I kick off with… the moonstone.

Moonstone can be encountered in all kinds of different colors, such as blue, gray, white, green, pink and brown. The moonstone gets its color because of its beautiful shine. The Romans thought differently about this, they thought that moonstone was created from solidified moonbeams and associated the stone with their moon goddesses.

Moonstone matches the zodiac sign of Cancer. If you look at it from a spiritual point of view, moonstone has many positive effects on women. For example, moonstone is said to promote fertility and has a calming effect on your emotional life. Are you a bad sleeper? Good news, moonstone also seems to have a positive effect on insomnia.

I think moonstone is a nice stone to work with, because the subtle shine really gives a feminine effect to the jewelry. Have you ever worn jewelry with moonstone? Do you choose the attributed effects or do you just choose a stone because you like it?

February 09, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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