Fall 2018 fashion colors

You will see these 3 colors a lot this fall
As I wrote before, you will see a lot of ocher yellow this fall. Which colors do you see more often? Red and Royal Blue . These are of course not the only colors that are trendy this fall, because you will also find lavender and powder pink, among other things. Knowing more? Then take a look at my new Pinterest board Fashion fall 2018 .

Fall collection sold out in 3 days
The autumn collection of Jewels with Flair has been available online for a while now. And yes, I was a bit mistaken about how much of this to put in the shop. Wow, that went fast! In 3 days, almost the entire collection sold out. oops. Behind the scenes I'm working hard to supplement the autumn collection with the existing designs, so that you too can go into autumn with your favorite pair. A few earrings have now been added to the collection, such as the earrings with rose quartz and labradorite and the earrings with chalcedony and labradorite .

What will you find (soon) in the shop?
You can find red jewelry more and more in my shop and I will expand that even more. In addition, you will also find more earrings with such a large ornament, better known as bohemian earrings or statement earrings : there will be 3 new ornaments. These are currently provided with a beautiful durable plating in gold or silver. I can't wait for this to come in!

September 07, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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