My development as a goldsmith :)

Make an earring from scratch from scratch

Since this school year (yes, as a former teacher I think still in school years), I started a goldsmith course.

File saws. When I think about engineering in high school, it was not for me. However, sawing in silver and being able to make something beautiful from a simple plate of silver, I found magical.

I have now had 5 lessons. This morning I decided that I could put my learned skills into practice in one morning by making a whole zipper of earrings. Made a test model last week and it went fine. So now 5 pairs in 3.5 hours. Apple egg right?

Ai. That was kinda nasty. How far was I after 3.5 hours? Not a single pair was finished! Well, the goldsmithing profession has a lot of steps. Sawing, filing, soldering, in the vitriol, polishing, soldering part 2, back in the vitriol and finally polishing.

I have decided that I will buy a workbench so that I can not only work on my collection during the course. This, of course, doesn't work that way at all.

Oh, I already finished a few for myself :). See below how it will turn out. As soon as the earrings are finished, newsletter readers will first be given access to purchase these earrings. Do you also want to receive Mail with Flair? Register here !

These earrings come

October 15, 2021 — Erlinde Kramer

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