#MarchMeetTheMaker: The face behind Jewels with Flair

I am Erlinde Kramer, 36 years old. The middle daughter of a family of 3 children. I am a mother of a son (4 years old) and daughter (2 years old). I live with my boyfriend and children in beautiful Alkmaar, but I also love to be found in my hometown Haarlem.

From Haarlem to Barcelona
My parents moved to a village in North Holland when I was 4 years old because my father became the director of a primary school. And in those days you had to live nearby. My mother is also in education and even my grandmother taught. And what was I going to do… into primary education. I did the Pabo in Haarlem and lived in Barcelona for a while for an internship. Super fun, but did I really learn something there...?!? Yes, I learned to enjoy life ;).

The love of fashion
When I completed the Pabo I went to live in the center of Alkmaar. Perhaps then the love for fashion and beautiful colors and shapes was born. Every day I walked past beautiful shop windows to marvel at the latest trends on my way to work, a primary school in Heerhugowaard. But, I think now: according to my mother, I was already looking for the most expensive items from the shelves as a child;). So maybe it's just in my blood.

The education
After working in Heerhugowaard for 3 years at various schools, I got a permanent position at a very nice creative primary school in Amsterdam. Many art projects were done and as a teacher you had the freedom to go on as many outings with your class as you wanted. So I could regularly be found with my group in the concert hall or theater De Krakeling. I had to get used to the parents who were very straightforward, the children who didn't mince words, but I found it fun and fascinating! I discovered that I was best suited for the upper secondary. Great, a discussion in class about a certain topic. I mainly played group 7/8. I really liked it, especially in the beginning. The commotion, the group dynamics, but also the educational theory. Wow, I learned a lot there. But eventually…. In the end I just wanted to make beautiful things. In addition, the workload increased, parents had increasingly higher expectations and it was absolutely not allowed to play outside for longer than 15 minutes. Because… that is at the expense of teaching time. And that is not possible, because in the end you just have to score. That is to say, on the Cito test. So when my webshop started to run better and better, I took the leap of faith.

In my spare time
In my spare time I like to go to the theater with my boyfriend or girlfriend, such as Veldhuis and Kemper, Brigitte Kaandorp and performances with Tjitske Reidinga. I also infected the children with this love for the theatre. We like to go to Ernst Bobbie and the rest, Woezel & Pip or Dirk Scheele. I also really enjoy cooking or baking with my children.
I can also play the piano, but I hardly ever do that anymore. Sometimes I have to restrain myself from secretly designing earrings or taking pictures during the weekend. I love good food and of course not to forget: a day of shopping is one of my favorite outings ;).

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March 08, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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