From part-time to full-time
Since July 2018 I quit my job in education and I work full time for Jewels with Flair. An exciting decision, but the best one I could have made. Since I really have focus for Jewels with Flair, I see my webshop grow. When I started, I was still working full-time in education. Then in the evening I was making preparations for the market. In the photo you can see me 'explaining' a market stall on trial. Just in the living room, because there were no small children walking around with their fingers touching everything…;).

So at the moment I am working full time on Jewels with Flair. I get positive reactions from customers and even a Christmas card from an enthusiastic customer last holidays :) . That is of course very nice. In addition to being creative, I also really enjoy doing business: deciding everything yourself, being flexible if you want to or if you have a sick child at home. And I still have a lot to learn when it comes to entrepreneurship. That's why I'm in an entrepreneurial group, because together you get further than alone.

Here you will find all earrings .

March 03, 2019 — Erlinde Kramer

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