Jewels with Flair. From 0 to now.

5 years JWF

It passed unnoticed, 5 years of Jewels with Flair. From zero to now, how did that happen?

The beginning
Queen's Day 2012: like every year I walk through the Queen's Day market in Alkmaar. One of the stalls catches my eye. Flower earrings, super cool! It is the trend that you wear one eye-catching earring. I want that! Happy with my earring I celebrate Queen's Day and I get a lot of nice comments. It's starting to itch....

I have been creative since my high school days. I take exams in all art subjects. I don't see myself as a real artist, but I do like to use my creativity. I therefore choose the PABO and have enjoyed teaching for years. Until that Queen's Day in 2012. Making those earrings....I want that too! I start to enjoy myself and the first flower earrings are a fact. The reactions are so enthusiastic that I decide to take the step to a webshop.

JWF is there!
So exciting, that first order! I was cheering and of course everyone had to hear it. The webshop was filling up and the number of orders was piling up. I learned a lot, both in terms of running a web shop and making jewelry. JWF developed rapidly. With the introduction of the so-called Maxima earrings, everything accelerated.

And now?
The webshop has now grown into an almost full-time activity. I'm still in front of the class for two days, but the other 5 days a week I work full time on the web shop. And those flower earrings… you can still find them in my shop, but in a completely different form; gemstones and Swarovski crystals now form the basis, indeed sometimes on a flower pendant :).

April 25, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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