July birthstone: ruby

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Ruby, the birthstone of July

Ruby is a really beautiful stone. That deep warm red color has such a warm appearance, no wonder this is the birthstone of the month of July!

A royal stone

A true classic, this beautiful gemstone ruby and therefore often worn by kings and queens throughout history. The fact that the stone has such a distinguished appearance certainly means that you can make jewelry with flair! Below you will find an example of a number of jewelery from the Jewels with Flair collection.

Jewelery with ruby: the birthstone of the month of July.

Give me some energy

Ruby is known for its powerful energetic effect. All the more reason to choose ruby if you can use some energy. It is said that ruby enhances all kinds of positive qualities, such as creativity, enthusiasm and passion.

Shine with Flair!

Enough reason to have some jewelry with birthstone ruby to include in the collection of Jewels with Flair, because this stone is made to give you even more flair

    July 01, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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