October birthstone: opal

Precious opal

Were you born in October? Then your birthstone is a very precious and rare stone, namely opal. A beautiful stone of course, but it makes the jewelry very expensive.

Birthstone October

We have therefore opted for imitation stones that are very similar to opal for our designs. For example, you can think of opalite or hydro quartz . But what is that then?

Imitation stone hydro quartz and opalite

Hydro quartz is made of glass. Through a sophisticated and precise process, this glass is shaped in such a way that it closely resembles real gemstones. The uniqueness of gemstones is that no gemstone looks the same and this is also the case with hydroquartz. This makes it really look like the stones are hand-cut. Of course, these stones do not have the effect that is attributed to opal.

October birthstone earrings

Operation opal

Opal is actually a very cheerful stone, which stimulates cheerfulness, optimism and creativity, among other things. Our handmade jewelry may not have this effect, but it certainly gives you the look with flair that opalite also gives you.

September 29, 2022 — Erlinde Kramer

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