The beauty of gems

A jewel with a gemstone is unique
Gems. A wonderful material to work with. Firstly, for its long-lasting beauty. But also because of the uniqueness of each stone. Did you know that every stone is slightly different? That is why no pair is exactly the same. For example, the color may vary slightly and the structure of the stone will never be exactly the same. In the photo, for example, you can see rose quartz earrings . The left pair is much lighter in color than the right pair. This is possible because a natural stone is never exactly the same.

This way your earrings with gemstones will stay beautiful
Gemstones do not like sunlight. This can cause the stone to discolour. One stone discolors faster than the other stone. It is therefore advisable to keep yourjewelry with gemstones in a (dark) jewelry box.

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August 29, 2018 — Erlinde Kramer

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